What started out as a part time endeavor quickly grew beyond the Hudson Valley and into the Westchester County area. At this point, Klein’s daughter, Illene, came on to assist her father with the growing popularity of the Automart magazine. The magazine truly became a family business when Klein’s other daughter, Ann, joined the team to represent Westchester County in the publication.

​Due to the increase in popularity, Automart came to the attention of Harmon Publications that had previously released real estate magazines. They were looking to move into the automotive market. In 1988, Harmon Publications bought the Automart magazine to only discontinue the product about one year later. It was at this time that Illene decided to purchase the magazine back to continue the Klein family business but under the new name of Autoguide Publications, Inc.

With growing popularity in the Hudson Valley throughout the 1990's, Autoguide decided to branch north into the Capital District area. During this time, Illene’s husband, Patrick, headed this new territory. He also worked vigorously to include the Mohawk Valley territory to the magazine as well. 

Autoguide was one of the first publications of its kind to go electronic on the web. In 2007, and now under the name of NYAutoguide.com, the new millenium would merge the printed magazine to the online world, bringing a wider audience of shoppers through its clients doors.

​Illene would continue the publication until 2013 when Jennifer Sweet purchased Autoguide Publications Inc. Jennifer's sales and marketing background in several local Mercedes-Benz dealerships fostered an easy transition to assuming the role of publisher, concentrating solely on the Mid-Hudson Valley as well as Westchester and Rockland counties.

Company History

In 1984, Gene Klein established the Automart magazine in the Hudson Valley region of New York. Originally designed to be a part time job for Klein, a music director at a local school, the new magazine was developed in order to bring car shoppers more information about the availability of car dealerships in the area.
In May 2016, NYAutoguide.com transitioned to Hudson Valley Autoguide under the direction of Joe Burton, whose history with the publication began in 2010 doing ad design, web updates as well as distribution. Joe has worked meticulously with respect and diligence to continue the Autoguide tradition and has a firm belief that print advertising is still a useful tool in today's online world. With that in mind, though, having a presence online today is an absolute must. The magazine is available on this website and is currently being distributed exclusively in Dutchess, Ulster, Orange Counties, with additional portions of Columbia, Greene, Sullivan, and Rockland Counties. In addition, a dealer directory is included in this website with links to currently advertised dealer's websites.

A company's history is the benchmark of its success through the years. The Autoguide has been in business & successful for over 30 years. Our business plan is the same today as it was 32 years ago which is to bring customers through our clients doors. Many changes over the years have made Autoguide a stronger & more versed company, able to adapt to the growing demand from needs of the consumer as well as the the digital world.

Please stay tuned for more updates and features to this website and thank you for your support.

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